Rewards After Combat

1 min readJul 25, 2022

Hello commanders!

Today we will talk about the rewards after combat. As we explained earlier, combat takes place when ships from different factions are in the same hex and/or quadrant.

After the match, rewards are distributed to the winner(s) following this assessment:

Total damage dealing * custom repair 01 damage in Essentia * 0.95 in percentages of 100% Essentia.

• Total damage dealt in combat: 1563%
• Repair cost of 01 damage in Essentia: 10
• Total prize pool in Essentia: 14848.5
• Collection in Essentia for Breeders: 781.5

In this way the distribution is distributed fairly, even if the combat has 3 or more players. In addition, any missions (artifacts, among others) that the losing player was being taken on their ships is distributed to the winners.

As you know, our focus is on delivering a zero-sum experience where whenever one player wins something, another player will lose something. In this way we will build a healthy economy for a constant appreciation of our Token.