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Tokenomics is a combination of the word ‘token’ and ‘economy’. While there is no official definition of the term, it became popular in 2017 involving the science of token economics and how we assess the value of a token. Anything that influences the value of cryptocurrency is considered part of tokenomics.

And today we are bringing you an update on our tokenomics to ensure greater sustainability and economic viability for the project.

Recently, we have met with market experts to seek an adaptation of our tokenomics to the global needs of the project. After some consulting and analysis, each tokenomics item was designed to meet a project need, so it was defined that:

• Community 51%

Embraces any action that involves community engagement and earnings for the players and holders.
For now, the available systems are STAKE and STAKE NFT.
As development progresses, we’ll launch version 0 to start the play to earn.

• Advisor and Strategy 19%

Tokens destined to support advisors and project strategies also partnerships with related platforms.

• Liquidity 5%

Liquidity aims to guarantee a sufficient amount to maintain real liquidity for the token.
Allocation of 5% of the entire reserve to support liquidity pools.

• Private Sale 10%

We intended part of the tokens to finance the project through sales modalities. In the private sale modality, 10% of the supply will be offered to qualified investors interested in the project, bringing positive results.

• Public Sale 8% and 7%

These will be 2 phases of the public sale, which will take place in different ways, which can be through direct sales on the project’s website with a predefined price or through launchpad. As these phases only start when the project is more advanced, we will have community support in the decisions.

Far beyond redefining tokennomics

Changing the tokenomics is a result of the project’s evolution.

The community will have much more decision-making power within the development of the project, and the token holders will have access to propose changes and discuss the direction of the project which will be vital for our success.

Stay tuned!



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