Breeders Never Say Die!

I was anxious to send this announcement to this community that I love and have the utmost respect for.

I have been presenting the project for a long time to many Venture Capitals and investors and some talks have progressed but none have materialized.

I was already funding the game out of my own pocket as you know, but now I will be able to make a large personal financial contribution and hire new professionals that I have also been talking to for some time. They are more experienced people with an extensive background in game development.

We start our new journey today Wednesday 03/01/2023 and as we evolve you will always be updated.

I am very excited to soon be posting new spoilers again.

I will not answer any questions at this time, as we are in a phase of deep analysis of everything that has been developed so far.

You will always have my commitment and transparency, and I will need the help of our community to make this happen together!

Whoever is together with Breeders, leaves a positive reaction.

Let’s do it!


Jorge Aguiar



Free-to-Play / Play-and-Earn Space Strategy Game

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