Breeders: How does it work?

Greetings from the sixth dimension!

How does Breeders’ game work?

How does the Breeders Universe work?

What is Breeders’ goal to be a zero-sum game?

What will be the best way to obtain resources in-game?

Will combat be PVP or MVP?

What’s in Version 0?

Will we lose ships in combat?

How can I protect myself from an attack? Can I not be attacked?

Is there the possibility of a player paying someone to attack another person?

Will the player be able to move his SpaceStation to another location or another quadrant?

How will the fuel implants work? Can the ship be stopped mid-travel if it runs out of fuel? Will there be a punishment for this?

Is there going to be someplace within the Breeder’s universe where ships can be lost permanently?

Will I be able to put my implants in a free ship? If so, will this ship with implants be as good as an NFT ship without implants?

What will mining in the game be like, specifically metals and crystals?

Do you have to have all NFTs to be good at the game? All the ships? All the implants?

From what level can I withdraw ESB currency?

Breeders is one of those games where you have to slave over the game and become a living zombie MIR4-style, or is it going to be something healthier for the players?

Will the game be playable or click and win like most games on the Wax network?

Will there be a Spirit or ship limit for the player’s account?

Will there be a ship, Spirit, and Implant rental system?

What are the token-burning in-game mechanisms?

Will there be the possibility to buy Alien skin to use as Avatar?

Will the game be 2D, 3D, mobile, console, or PC?

What is the Game Engine?

The game will be for which platforms and operating systems?

In V.0 will there be fundraising through the game to bring profit to the company?

In V.0 will we have different types of games?

Will all the games be linked together?

From which version will we have ranking?

Do you think of a communication channel between users via audio or text?

What about a planet sale?

What do you think about the value of the currency and investor earnings?

What about Breeders being a Metaverse?



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