Breeders: How does it work?

10 min readJun 6, 2022


Greetings from the sixth dimension!

One of the differentials of the Breeders project is having our own highly experienced team, which includes a game designer and a UI/UX specialist with more than 8 years of experience.

We care about offering the best experience for our users and a game of excellence.

And here is an interview with our game designer Bruno Freitas who presents how the game will work and some curiosities.

How does Breeders’ game work?

Bruno: Breeders is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn space exploration, battle, and conquest game where two factions vie for dominance of the sixth dimension.

The game will focus on PVP combat, one of the main sources of obtaining resources for the players and the project.

How does the Breeders Universe work?

Bruno: It is a galaxy divided into several solar systems, and the player only has a view of the solar system he is in.

In other solar systems, the player doesn’t know what is happening, so there might be meteors to collect resources, missions to do, and other things. You will need to have ships or structures in these other solar systems to get information about what is going on in them. A good strategy is to send a Discover ship that is fast and does reconnaissance of several solar systems. The player can send it ahead to explore and find out what is in a particular solar system and the points of interest if there are resources and enemies.

What is Breeders’ goal to be a zero-sum game?

Bruno: To make our game resistant to time. A zero-sum game is a game where for someone to win, someone has to lose. This balance between gains and losses will help our Ecosystem and control currency inflation. For the game to work properly as Free-to-play, we need to be careful that the currency doesn’t inflate.

The strategy adopted by Breeders, in addition to valuing currency and assets, will challenge each player to become better and better and discover strategies to obtain a higher number of victories and, consequently, rewards.

What will be the best way to obtain resources in-game?

Bruno: The best way to obtain ESB will be PvPing. Although you can choose not to battle, if you want to have higher earnings, at some point you will need to play PVP.

You can collect resources from asteroids, but this is not the best strategy. If you don’t protect yourself from the players, they will attack you and steal your resources.

Will combat be PVP or MVP?

Bruno: The main combat will be the PVP. Possibly there will be some MVP combats and some MVP missions, but the main focus is PVP.

What’s in Version 0?

Bruno: In V.0 you will be able to manage your NFTs, buy ships in-game that are not NFTs, you will also be able to collect resources across the universe, and fight other players. It will be possible to collect alien artifacts that you can put into research on your SpaceStation, which is a kind of loot box, the player will be able to sell it after the results. This item can be an NFT or a resource.

In V.0 we will have:
- Automatic combat system
- Space navigation
- Quest system
- Artifacts
- Artifact research
- Use of Spirits
- Equip implants
- Purchase ships
- Ship repair

In V.1 will come new features such as:
- Creation of Guilds
- Guild Battles
- Guild Upgrades
- Guild Spirits
- Guild Buildings
- Invite feature

Will we lose ships in combat?

Bruno: NFT ships may take damage and need to be repaired, but no player will lose their NFTs. Ships that are not NFTs can be destroyed and you will need to buy new ships.

How can I protect myself from an attack? Can I not be attacked?

Bruno: The shield and the ship’s integrity are items that are part of the combat balance. When the player has a shield on a ship, it does not prevent the ship from being attacked, but provides a defense advantage in combat.

The player will not be able to avoid attacks, so it will be necessary to venture out into the universe to find resources, obtain rewards, and evolve in the game. There is no guarantee that a player will not be attacked unless he stays in his Initial solar system, but then he will not be able to collect new resources. Every player will have to take risks to obtain rewards and resources and for that, it will be necessary to strategize, such as sending a large fleet of ships, because this way, if attacked, there will be the opportunity for the player to destroy the enemy fleet and keep his resources and the enemy’s resources.

Is there the possibility of a player paying someone to attack another person?

Bruno: We have thought about things like that, but they won’t exist in V0. Maybe they will come in V1, which has not been fully designed yet, but it is not confirmed. It is interesting to think that a player in a guild can send a bounty hunter to hunt another player, and all members can collaborate.

Will the player be able to move his SpaceStation to another location or another quadrant?

Bruno: Yup. When the alliance system starts, we imagine that some players and friends will want to be close to each other.

The placement of fleets across the universe will be shaped according to this mechanic as wars and interactions between guilds, players will be able to move their bases around.

How will the fuel implants work? Can the ship be stopped mid-travel if it runs out of fuel? Will there be a punishment for this?

Bruno: The ships will have a certain amount of fuel, and this fuel will allow the ship to travel a certain distance. If the player uses a fuel implant, they will be able to travel longer distances. Some structures can be built between the journey to recharge fuel.

Is there going to be someplace within the Breeder’s universe where ships can be lost permanently?

Bruno: We don’t have anything of that kind planned yet. The player will be able to lose their free ships in combat, but not the NFT ships.

Will I be able to put my implants in a free ship? If so, will this ship with implants be as good as an NFT ship without implants?

Bruno: It will depend if the ship has slots for implants. There are many variables in the combinations of ships with implants, and we will have a lot of possible combinations.

What will mining in the game be like, specifically metals and crystals?

Bruno: There are asteroids in the universe that all players will share. Players will be able to collect resources from these asteroids with their mining ships, and while this ship is mining, the player will be vulnerable to an enemy attack. But there will be the possibility for the player to send defense ships. Another strategy will be to send a fast Ship to discover the area and provide safer mining.

Do you have to have all NFTs to be good at the game? All the ships? All the implants?

Bruno: You don’t have to have all implants, ships, and NFTs, nor are you expected to. There are ships in the game that are not NFTs, so the player will be able to have some types of ships without having all NFTs.

That is part of the elaboration of the game strategy, players will be able to play without buying NFTs. Of course, the ships that are NFTs are stronger than the ships that are not NFTs.

From what level can I withdraw ESB currency?

Bruno: There won’t be this level concept in Breeders, will exist a sort of classification or ranking aiming at the balance between the players.

The player will have the information of who he can and cannot attack, so older players and those with bigger fleets will not be able to attack the new players so as not to discourage newcomers. The players will be able to collect the currency from the first moment they enter the game. If the player gathers resources from an Essentia asteroid, they will be able to withdraw the coin.

Breeders is one of those games where you have to slave over the game and become a living zombie MIR4-style, or is it going to be something healthier for the players?

Bruno: Breeders will not be a game where the player will spend 12 hours a day playing. It will be a game where the player organizes himself at some point of his day to see what the ships are doing, or send them out to explore somewhere in the galaxy.

Will the game be playable or click and win like most games on the Wax network?

Bruno: It will be playable from V0. The gameplay may initially resemble a click game, because the player will interact more with the interface, but will have to create and execute their strategies. It will not be like a game where you click, type a captcha and the game happens. It will be a game where the player will need to use intelligence to build strategies and we will have many variables because the player will have the whole universe to explore. Our V0 will not be an action game, but a slower game, where it will be necessary to interact with the interface.

The game will be more dynamic in version 1.

Will there be a Spirit or ship limit for the player’s account?

Bruno: The game is not yet fully balanced, so there is no ship limit system. As for the Spirits system, there is no limit on how many Spirits a player can have, but there is a limit on the number of Spirits a player can activate at the same time. Spirits give divine blessings on all ships in the player’s fleet.

Will there be a ship, Spirit, and Implant rental system?

Bruno: Possibly in V2. The development of V2 will be very flexible because we want feedback from the community. We haven’t defined it yet, but it will exist because it is something that has been requested several times.

What are the token-burning in-game mechanisms?

Bruno: There are several mechanisms, as an example, you have your Spirits and a Temple inside your Space Station. In your space station, you have a certain number of slots for Spirits. You can buy more slots with Essentia.

There are the alien artifacts which are the loot boxes, you can accelerate their research with Essentia. You can buy more research slots, ore and crystal. These are the main burn mechanics for V0, but as the game grows, new burn mechanics will be created.

Will there be the possibility to buy Alien skin to use as Avatar?

Bruno: This is part of the social features that come in V1. There will be no special portraits, but we are thinking of event portraits, early adopter portraits, and so on. These portraits can be NFTs.

Will the game be 2D, 3D, mobile, console, or PC?

Bruno: Breeders on V0 is a 3D game, but it is a game with a fixed camera view from above. Initially, it will be for PC. From V1 on we will start working on mobile, web and console versions.

What is the Game Engine?

Bruno: Unity.

The game will be for which platforms and operating systems?

Bruno: At first, it will be a launcher that will work both on Mac, Windows, and Linux, however, we will study if it is viable the three options at the beginning.

In V.0 will there be fundraising through the game to bring profit to the company?

Bruno: The goal is that all the coin-burning features will be our source of income. A part gets burned and a part is for Breeders.

In V.0 will we have different types of games?

Bruno: No. We want to have some game options with different mechanics, where players will be able to use their NFTs in all of them, but they will be developed later.

Will all the games be linked together?

Bruno: Yes, especially for those who like ranking.

From which version will we have ranking?

Bruno: We won’t have ranking in V0, V1 will be focused on social features, but we will have it in the future.

Do you think of a communication channel between users via audio or text?

Bruno: We are thinking of a text communication channel for V1.

What about a planet sale?

Bruno: We intend to. It won’t be in V0 or V1, but there is an idea that you can buy planets and get resources from them, but for now, it is just an idea.

What do you think about the value of the currency and investor earnings?

Bruno: This is a consequence of good work, and that is what we are focused on. Our mission is to bring high-quality entertainment with a well-planned ecosystem.

Valuing digital assets through scarcity and controlling inflation for currency appreciation through constant burns among other strategies.

What about Breeders being a Metaverse?

Bruno: We are working on it. We are much more than creators of a game and there is a real possibility of a Metaverse. Within our planning and with the union of all games, we will be a metaverse, a metaverse of the sixth dimension.

The potential of the sixth dimension is infinite.

Stay tuned.