Breeders Ecosystem

2 min readMay 27, 2022


Welcome to the Breeders Universe.

We have created a unique Free-to-play, Play-to-Earn, Multi-utility NFT Cards Ecosystem, and we believe that a zero-sum game blended with our system is the key to a stable economy.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to our unique ecosystem and its details.

• breedersmarket

A marketplace that allows users to easily purchase exclusive NFT Breeders directly from our website using WAXP coins.

• breedersbox

Mystery Boxes hold NFTS from unique collections with controlled shortages.

User can purchase a BreedersBox with ESB Coins only during exclusive events.

BreedersBox is important for the Ecosystem as it helps control inflation by burning coins.

• breedersstake

In the Breeders Stake of NFTs, Users can mine ESB coins through Breeders collections, bringing great utility to the NFTS.

In ESB’s Breeders Stake, coin holders are rewarded for holding them in stake for the long term.

• breedersburn

To control inflation, part of the collected ESB gets burned.

In addition, we created a Buy Back system, which uses amounts collected from the project’s Ecosystem to remove ESB from the market, allowing for later burning.

Conquer the sixth dimension with your strategy!

Stay tuned for more information!